Terms and Conditions

David Laing works to a high standard of care and works within The Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Associations strict code of ethics, with regards to practices and confidentiality. And strongly advocates that he offers no medical advice what so ever and shares care between himself, your hospital and your doctor.

Hypnosis is such that at no time can he or will he guarantee success, though he will give forms of encouragement, not to be interpreted as a guarantee for success, the responsibility for a successful outcome remains entirely the responsibility of the client.

The client must be aware that the client is responsible for their own well being during and in between sessions and are advised to seek medical advice should they have any concerns. The client also has the responsibility to inform David Laing should they experience stress, upsets, anxiety or trauma of any kind, no matter how caused or how trivial it may seem whilst undertaking "hypnotherapy", as this may affect the outcome of the "hypnotherapy".

The client also has responsibility to inform David Laing of any stress, upsets, anxiety or traumatic event prior to commencement of seeking "hypnotherapy" no matter how long ago or how recent, details of which can remain secret. So long as David Laing is made aware of their existence, there are techniques that can allay the associated stress and or anxieties without divulging the details, though all information is kept strictly confidential.

David Laing cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any unsuccessful outcome. He cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any failure of recording equipment used. He reserves the right to make recordings in any format and take transcriptions of any or any part of any session and retains all rights to publish those said recordings or transcriptions of recordings in any format without seeking clients further approval. By signing this document the client acknowledges and gives full consent and waiver of rights to this. Copies of recordings may be purchased for a limited time following the session by arrangement with David Laing.

It is essential that a bond of trust must be maintained between David Laing and the client at all times therefore it is the client's responsibility to inform him if there are any concerns. It is the responsibility of David Laing not to abuse such trust as laid out in The Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Associations strict code of ethics.

IMPORTANT: If the client is unable to attend a session or will be late it is their responsibility to contact David Laing. Non attendance of future sessions that are booked in advance will be charged in full unless cancelled with David Laing, giving at least 24 hours prior notice. If there is insufficient time to allow the session due to the client’s late arrival, payment is due for the session and a new session at standard charges may be booked.

These terms and conditions are governed by English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. By booking a session you understand and agree to the terms set out above and the enforcement thereof.

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