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'Chat - It's Fate' Magazine Regression (Transcript) 

Chat - it's Fate Magazine

Paul Oldham, 24, from Liverpool, was obsessive about cleanliness - he’d even pack his girlfriend and child off to his mum’s so they couldn’t mess the place up! He’d also put on a lot of weight. I sent him to see David from Liverpool.

Its 1665 and I m a 14 year old street urchin. I live on the streets and survive by stealing food. I don’t have any possessions of my own - when I do, I hide them so others can’t steal them. This town is rife with plague. Soldiers are picking up the dead from the gutters and houses, and throwing them into carts to be taken away and burned to stop the disease spreading.

I’m sick. I’ve found a dirty bolt hole to hide in. I’m filthy and I know that I should try and keep myself clean, but I don’t have the strength - I haven’t eaten in days. I’m covered in sores. I tried so hard to be clean enough not to catch the plague, but with no clean water, I didn’t stand a chance.

I’m much worse. It’s dark. Nobody has been to help me. I hear soldiers outside in the street, shouting, Bring out your dead!’ I’m dying and they’ll soon come for me.

I’m not dead, but I can’t move or speak. The soldiers are in the room. They talk about the stink’, and hold their noses. They take me outside and throw
me on a cart. Dead people, half-rotted, roll on top of me as the cart
moves. l'm not dead, but I’m not alive among their filthy bodies. I’m tipped onto a cold, stone floor and left to die.

As David brought me back, he told me to bring through all the memories but to leave behind any emotional content from that lifetime. David spent some time healing me, explaining that my obsessive cleaning is something that spilt from that old life - and I don’t need to do it any more.

It's clear from Paul's past life why he 'protects' his things by keeping them clean and tidy, and why he doesn't like others touching them.

It's been a real eye-opener. I think the reason I've put on weight is because, unlike before, I can eat as much as I like. I feel that the healing process can start now. 

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