Who Where You In A Past Life? ...

Were you a soldier?, a scientist?, a nurse?, a king? Past life regression through Hypnosis may help provide the answer.

There have been many books and television programmes over the years which have made more and more people in the western world aware of past lives. However, for most of the world’s population these things are part of life, and are generally accepted.

Many years ago in India, a small boy related his story of a past life in a small village hundreds of miles from his home. Every detail of his story was checked out and found to be valid. All of this was printed in the newspapers in India without additional comment - it was regarded as being just another proof or validation of something that everyone knew anyway. Some experts believe there are any number of experiences from past lives that can negatively affect us in this life. For example, a person who has a fear of water may have drowned in a past life. A previous client had a distinct hatred of housework. It transpired that in her previous life she was a maid who spent all of her days doing just that!

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